Wedding Fireworks

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An amazing display for a beautiful day

Would you like to have that fairy-tale wedding just like Cinderella with all the fireworks? Well, now you can.

Imagine, just as your officiant pronounces you as husband and wife and you kiss for the very first time, a flurry of sparklers ignite and create a majestic background. Or perhaps you are enjoying your first dance and at the very end as your husband dips you and goes in for a kiss a splash of sparklers fill the windows with an array of excitement. These are just a few examples of ways to make your wedding special and to create a moment that your guests will talk about years down the road.

Sparkling Fans

The Perfect ending to a perfect Ceremony

A picture is worth a thousand words…in this case, the picture is priceless!  See below as we use Sparkler Fans at the wedding ceremony and reception for our bride and groom.  This is a beautiful beginning to a reception or an amazing ending after a wonderful night.  Your guests will “ooooohhh” and “aaaaaahhh” in amazement, and you will most likely be caught in one of the most beautiful moments you will ever experience.

Day Ceremony Sparkling Fountain Fans

Night Ceremony Sparkling Fountain Fans

First Dance Sparkling Fountain Fans

Sparkling Rain

Our Newest Effect

Want to see something incredibe? Checkout our latest video of Sparkling Rain. This will give you chills.

Sparkler Send-off

Leave a lasting impression


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